Topical Minoxidil: Hair Growth Agent

Minoxidil Sulfate

Many people might think that minoxidil sulfate would work much more effectively than minoxidil if minoxidil sulfate is applied directly to the scalp.

However, minoxidil sulfate is so unstable that it is difficult to produce a solution of minoxidil sulfate in a stable state. Minoxidil sulfate will be converted back to minoxidil in a short time.

For example, it will cost more than hundreds of thousands of US Dollars to produce 60 mL of minoxidil sulfate solution. However, minoxidil sulfate will change and return to minoxidil on the next day within the same bottle. It doesn’t make sense.

Everybody has minoxidil sulfotransferase in the hair follicular cells on the scalp. Therefore, it is much easier to apply a minoxidil solution to the scalp. We only need to wait until minoxidil is changed to minoxidil sulfate at the hair follicles.

This is the reason why minoxidil sulfate cannot be commercialized nor supplied to the market.

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