Topical Minoxidil: Hair Growth Agent

Inheritance of Response to Minoxidil

Response to minoxidil will be inherited within a family. Although there may be some individual differences, response to minoxidil will be similarly good in the same family.

According to mammalian gene studies, autosomal codominant inheritance has been reported on human sulfotransferase enzyme activity.
Functionally significant genetic polymorphisms are observed on human sulfotransferases. Human sulfotransferase enzyme expression varies among individuals.

One of my patients told me the possibility of inheritance of constitution on response to minoxidil.
Both mother and daughter experienced increase in hair thickness after several months of treatment with topical minoxidil. The daughter experienced minoxidil shedding within one month, although the mother didn’t.

It means that constitution on response to minoxidil was not quite the same between them, but the response was similarly good in both of them.
This fact supports the theory that the responsiveness to minoxidil may be inherited within a family.

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