Topical Minoxidil: Hair Growth Agent

Standard Usage of Topical Minoxidil

Standard usage of topical minoxidil is application of 1 mL of minoxidil-containing liquid to the scalp twice daily, in the morning and evening.

Minoxidil foam in a size of a golf ball is equivalent to 1mL of minoxidil solution. Minoxidil foam changes to liquid by the body temperature and absorbed through the skin.

Some people don’t want to use topical minoxidil in the morning, because they don’t want to make hair sticky before going to business. In such a case, topical minoxidil can be used only in the evening. Application of topical minoxidil once a day is acceptable.

You can put the solution on the scalp after a shampoo and before drying hair. In order to secure absorption time through the skin, it would be better to keep scalp wet for a while.
Don’t make hair dry with a hair drier immediately after applying minoxidil solution to the scalp.

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