Topical Minoxidil: Hair Growth Agent

Initial Hair Loss within a Month

Initial hair loss (minoxidil shedding) is an important issue on the response to minoxidil.

There are some people who experience excessive hair shedding from a few weeks to one month after starting treatment with minoxidil.

Most of the people with minoxidil shedding are surprised at the excessive hair shedding. They are afraid that they might lose all of their hair.

They sometimes get into a panic. Many of them stop using minoxidil. However, it is not a good idea to stop using topical minoxidil.

Excessive hair shedding indicates that many of hair follicles have begun to produce new hair at the hair roots simultaneously. New hair is growing at the hair bulb, and the new hair has pushed out old hair.

Increased number of fallen hair indicates increased number of new hair growth. Minoxidil shedding is a very good sign.
It is very important to keep using topical minoxidil. It should not be stopped.

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