Oral Minoxidil; Safe Dose

Low Dose Oral Minoxidil is not Always Safe

Generally speaking, a small dose of oral minoxidil is safer than a large dose of minoxidil. However, some patients may experience side effects of oral minoxidil even with a low dose.

For example, headache is one of the common side effects of minoxidil, which appears even in a low dose in a sensitive patient. It means that side effects of minoxidil are irrelevant to the intake dose.

There is always an exceptional case. The incidence of side effects depends on sensitivity of constitution in each patient.

There is no dose dependent relationship between the absolute dose of oral minoxidil and the possible risk of side effects of minoxidil. Even low dose minoxidil may cause side effects in a sensitive patient.

This is the reason why the author recommends patients to reduce the dose of minoxidil tablets as low as possible.

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