Oral Minoxidil; Safe Dose

Other Side Effect of Oral Minoxidil

There are other side effects on oral minoxidil. Many of them are related to abnormal water retention and organ dysfunction.
Swelling of the face and legs and rapid weight gain are common side effects of oral minoxidil, which suggest systemic water retention and kidney dysfunction.

There are some reports on disorders of liver function and kidney function caused by oral minoxidil. The disorders were temporary dysfunction of kidney and liver, which normalized spontaneously after stopping oral minoxidil.

One of my patients was pointed out a possibility of pancreatic cancer at the yearly medical checkup. His pancreatic duct was dilated, which suggested obstruction of pancreatic duct or swelling of pancreas head
He stopped taking oral minoxidil. Dilatation of his pancreatic duct improved on the regular medical inspection afterwards.

This episode suggests that oral minoxidil might have caused a disorder of pancreas such as swelling of pancreas head or obstruction of pancreatic duct.

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