Oral Minoxidil; Safe Dose

How to Reduce the Dose of Minoxidil Tablet

The author recommends to reduce the dose of minoxidil tablet gradually. First, 5-10mg minoxidil tablet should be reduced to a half dose for a few months.
Then, the dose should be reduced further to 1/4 dose for the following a few months. In this way, does of minoxidil tablets should be reduced to 1.25-2.5 mg per day.

For example, 10mg daily minoxidil can be reduced to 5mg per day in a few months. Dose reduction from 10mg to 5mg is usually easy, which will not cause hair thinning.

Then 5mg daily minoxidil should be reduced to 2.5mg in the next a few months. Usually, dose reduction from 5mg to 2.5mg will not be very difficult without any major problems.

Then, 2.5mg minoxidil can be reduced to 1.25mg daily minoxidil, or 1.25/2.5mg alternatively every other day. After several months, the patient should try to reduce further to 1.25mg per day.

This phase is usually a difficult time for patients. Many patients do not want to reduce the dose of oral minoxidil from 2.5mg daily further to 1.25mg daily because of hair thinning.

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