Oral Minoxidil; Safe Dose

Dose Reduction of Oral Minoxidil in a Responder

Dose reduction of minoxidil is often difficult for a responder who have already been treated with high dose minoxidil.

If someone is a responder to minoxidil, and if he has already been taking a high dose of minoxidil tablet, the current hair thickness depends largely on the effects of minoxidil.

Excessive hair shedding will begin, when he reduces the dose of oral minoxidil.
As the dose of oral minoxidil is reduced gradually, the effects of minoxidil will be lost.
Most of thick hair will go back to fine hair finally. Hair thickness will much decrease in 4-6 months.

Many responders to minoxidil cannot tolerate excessive hair shedding caused by the dose reduction of oral minoxidil. They are afraid that they might lose all of their hair.

They increase the dose of minoxidil to the previous dose again. In this way, they cannot stop or reduce the dose of minoxidil tablets.

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