Minoxidil; Side Effects

Oral Minoxidil should be Reduced or Stopped

Those who are taking 5-10mg oral minoxidil should reduce the dosage as soon as possible.

I have explained in other pages on this website how you can safely reduce the dosage of oral minoxidil. Please refer to the relevant pages when you try to reduce the dose of minoxidil tablets.

The effect of oral minoxidil to increase hair density is reached maximum within a few years.

Efficacy of oral minoxidil on hair thickness doesn’t last forever. Hair thickness decreases gradually after several years.

Progress of hair thinning cannot be stopped by any means. Hair growth medicine can only delay the progress of hair thinning.

Minoxidil tablet is not a drug which can be taken for a long period.
Dose reduction needs to be considered after all.
Moreover, oral minoxidil has possibility of serious side effects.

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