Minoxidil; Side Effects

Feet Swelling & Heart Failure

Swelling on feet and face usually suggests diseases such as heart failure, disorders of endocrine hormones, impaired kidney function, liver cirrhosis, malnutrition, increased permeability on vascular wall, etc.

However, disorders of the heart, endocrine hormones, kidney and liver are unlikely in young people.
Functions of the heart, kidney and liver are usually normal in young adults.

It is unlikely that young people have edema on the feet and face.
Unexplained weight gain and swelling of hands and feet mean something abnormal is happening in the body by oral minoxidil.

It is a serious situation. Oral minoxidil should be stopped immediately.

Edema disappears after discontinuation of the drug, which means that oral intake of minoxidil tablet was the cause of the unexplained edema.

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