Minoxidil; Side Effects

Pericardial Effusion and Heart Failure

Other side effects of minoxidil includes pericardial effusion, which means accumulation of fluid around the heart resulting in heart failure.

Heart is covered with a tough fibrous sack, which is called pericardium. The space between the pericardium and the heart is filled with small amount of serous fluid which works as lubricant.

Collection of serous fluid in the pericardial cavity is called “pericardial effusion”.
Accumulation of a lot of pericardial effusion is called “cardiac tamponade”.

Rapid increase in the volume of pericardial effusion results in compression of the heart with symptoms like shortness of breath, breathlessness, palpitation, edema, heart failure, etc.

Pericardial effusion and cardiac tamponade can be diagnosed by echocardiography.

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